Sunday, April 29, 2018


Spring swamps. Dry come summer.

Deer paths

The bush is so thick I can step into it, walk twenty paces, turn around and be lost because everything looks the same in all directions: branches and thorns everywhere and up above, if it's a grey day, the sky gives away no clues.

I bought a compass then a handheld GPS. I bought rolls of orange flagging tape. I bought loppers and clippers. I wanted to make trails but had no idea how or where to start. Then I finally noticed what was there all along.

I've spent days now cutting trails into the property, guided by deer paths and streams, thankful I don't have to depend on my terrible sense of direction.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


From Paul and Tina's farm.

I haven't met a nicer bunch of people than everyone I've been meeting in Prince Edward County and Paul and Tina are tops. They own a small farm up the road from me where they raise a few chicken, ducks, turkeys, goats and sheep. All the animals are free roaming and busy running around in each other's business.

Now I've got a source for reliable free range duck and chicken eggs, $3/dozen.

Turkey eggs (a gift)

Duck eggs

Brown chicken eggs

Green chicken eggs

Monday, April 16, 2018


Most mornings, Simone and I walk unaccompanied. This morning, the mist came along. It changed the way everything looked and quietened the earth.

Dark Woods

The woods around here seem impenetrable but then I see entryways and wonder how far in they lead.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The kitchen

I think I'm an okay cook not because I enjoy cooking but because I enjoy eating. If someone was willing to cook for me full time, I'd happily be the worst cook in the world and never pick up a chef's knife again. As I've not been so fortunate in life to have met such a person willing to accommodate my laziness, I've had to spend a fair amount of time in kitchens and so have formed a few ideas around what I would want in one should the opportunity arise to lay one out.

Number one thing was that since the kitchen often becomes the de facto center of any social gathering (why would anyone want to sit in comfy sofas in the living room when they can all stand around in a hot, cramped kitchen), I figured it might as well be involved with the rest of the space. As such, the main cooking surface is a long island with integrated sink and stove top which lets the cook face the room while working. Now s/he doesn't have to be relegated to staring at the wall while frying up eggs.

I know kitchens are supposed to be efficient with their use of space (talking about that fridge-stove-sink triangle ideal) but I don't like cramped kitchens so screw efficient design. I made sure there's enough elbow room in case people want to help out or hang out. I've got no problem with too many cooks in the kitchen (unless they're bad cooks) but I do have a problem with body checking into people while I'm pulling a roast out of the oven and they're trying to get a coke out of the fridge.

The colour scheme is based on Benjamin Moore's metropolis. It was laid down semi-gloss on the walls and under glaze on the cabinetry. I was basically trying to copy a colour on something I saw in IKEA.

Note on appliances: I only bought (reputable) low to mid cost appliances. The more expensive ones have too many gizmos and judging from online reviews and talking to other home owners, upscale prices don't guarantee upscale reliability. I want appliances that do what they were fundamentally created to do, not ones that have attained consciousness and are now trying to find a higher purpose in life. Perhaps the most important thing I learned from appliance shopping is that CAS has excellent free coffee at their bricks and mortar store locations. And I don't even like coffee.

William Design Company spec'd out the kitchen details and did the install.

No fixtures means clean lines. Also means fingerprints.

Post first use. Glass stove tops don't hide the mess at all: